Category: Children’s Book Review

Review:  Layer By Layer: Discovering Dinosaurs

We’ve been reading Layer By Layer: Discovering Dinosaurs this week, an absolutely incredible children’s non-fiction book.  What did we like about it?  Multisensory & Interactive- There’s so much to do in the book to keep little ones engaged and actively involved in the book. From finding out about interesting dinosaurs, […]

12 Halloween Themed Books for Young Children

Here’s some of our favourite Halloween themed books for young children…and you’ll be pleased to see there’s no scary books in sight! Just fun books to dip their toes in the theme.  1. My Tail’s Not Tired (Child’s Play Library) We adore this book with its (definitely not scary […]

Review: The Forgotten Forest by Victoria Richards 

We’ve been reading this magical, enchanting and perfectly personalised children’s book today by Victoria Richards (Oh Zoe Books) What did we like about it?  Captivating Illustrations- WOW! The pictures in this book by Sas and Yosh are stunning- engaging children of all ages in the story. We loved […]

Top Ten Children’s Books About Aeroplanes

Here’s our Top Ten books for young children all about Aeroplanes! If you’re looking for children’s books on another topic- have a look what else we’ve covered here. 1. Rosie Revere, Engineer  This is the second time that we’ve featured this book in one of our ‘Top Ten’ lists […]

Review: Little People, Big Dreams Series

I honestly think I have found my new favourite series of children’s books- Little People, Big Dreams. These incredible books written by Isabel Sanchez Vegara tell the true stories of remarkable people from Georgia O’Keefe (one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century) to Nobel Prize winning […]

Top Ten Books about MiniBeasts

Got little ones that love insects? Or covering the topic in your preschool/school? We’ve done the hard work for you and found our favourite books about insects for young children. There’s a lovely mix of fiction and non-fiction allowing children to learn about insects through stories and facts. […]