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Review: The Forgotten Forest by Victoria Richards 

We’ve been reading this magical, enchanting and perfectly personalised children’s book today by Victoria Richards (Oh Zoe Books)

What did we like about it?

Captivating Illustrations- WOW! The pictures in this book by Sas and Yosh are stunning- engaging children of all ages in the story. We loved that each flower, rock tree and animal had its own face and personality! 

Level of Personalisation– The children adored the book being about them and I loved the level of personalisation. The book doesn’t just have their name in, but where they live, their birthday and their sibling/favourite toy! The children were genuinely amazed that the book ‘knew so much about them!’ 

When ordering the book you can also describe your child’s appearance- for example your child’s skin colour, hair colour, hair style. You can also include if your child has a hearing aid, wheel chair or wears ear defenders. It’s fantastic that this book enables children to be represented properly in their own book. 

What’s also brilliant is you can include their sibling (if they have one) in the story too- avoiding brothers and sisters from feeling left out when listening to the story! 

Enthralling Story–  The story is fantastic, packed full of adventure, magic…and just the right amount of danger for little ones…without it being too scary. It also finishes with a happy ending, making it ideal for bedtimes.

Oh Zoe sent me a sneak peek of this new personalised book The Forgotten Forest. Their campaign has just gone live today on Kickstarter – have a look here 

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