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Best Space Books for Young Children (Fiction and Non- Fiction)

As a former Science teacher, Space is a topic that fascinates me and I love sharing my passion for Space with children through books. Thankfully, there’s tonnes of exciting non-fiction and fiction children’s books relating to this brilliant area of science.

Here are our current favourite Space Books for Young Children

This book is absolutely brilliant fun and makes an engaging introduction to space for young children. The cardboard space characters, planets and vehicles can be popped out to play with! The children had so much fun making their very own ‘space shows’ in cardboard boxes with these cut outs…

If it’s the space vehicles that your little ones are particularly passionate about, then this is the one for you! Tonnes of detail about rockets- including important features such as oxygen masks.

Another fantastic book for teaching children about space crafts. We love how it shows the history of space crafts as well as modern day.

Written by author and comedian David Walliams this book will have your little ones giggling away with its hilarious tale of two hippos and their race to the moon!

We adore this book with it’s stunning illustrations and gorgeous poetry that tells the story of how humans have always been interested in space and flying.

Captivating illustrations and a heartwarming tale about a little creature from another planet, that reinforces the importance of inclusion and kindness.

If you’re trying to engage your children in learning about Space, this book with it’s 3D glasses, will definitely spark their interest! It’s full of interesting facts and exciting 3D photographs.

A gorgeous story book about a little alien called Ollie who leaves his parents behind to discover the planets by himself, cleverly slipping facts about the planets to the readers as he goes! We particularly liked how much he falls in love with planet Earth- he highlights all the wonderful things about our planet (that we perhaps take for granted)

This book mixes gorgeous illustrations and calming poetry to explain the scientific understanding of the origins of the universe to children.

Full of facts hidden under flaps ready to discover, this book is wonderful for quenching a child’s thirst for knowledge on space.

This Book was inspired by Tim Peake (the Astronaut) who has not only written the introduction to this amazing book, but he also read it on TV from Space! The book tells the story of two children, who love space and after they say night night to all their space toys, go on their own space adventure.

This stunning board-book is ideal for younger children, or those that benefit from sensory books. It’s soft, tactile, felt flaps (to lift up on each page) in combination with its repetition of phrases have made it a firm favourite in my house! We also love that it breaks down gender stereotypes with the engineer being female.

*Please note we were sent some samples to review but as always all thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains amazon affiliate links, for more details read our About Me section.

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