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What Can Children Learn from a Sticker Book? 

Until having kids, I’ll be honest I didn’t really see the point of sticker books. I naively thought they were just about pulling stickers off and sticking them in place, and I didn’t really understand what children could learn from them or why they enjoyed them. I presumed it was just a good way of keeping kids busy. 

However, having now spent many hours playing with sticker books with my children- I now get it. They are a brilliant learning resource. Not only do they help children to develop really important skills such as creativity and fine motor skills  ( it’s amazing really- who knew that when they are peeling the stickers off they are also developing fine motor skills that they’ll need in the future for learning to write!?!) But often the high quality sticker books also teach children tonnes of facts too, have stories and other activities too. 

We’ve been really fortunate to try out three sticker books recently. All of which I would really recommend: 
555 Mermaid World (555 Sticker Fun)

Dinosaurs (Sticker History)

Sticker Play Dinosaurs

Each book was brilliant for different reasons. 

555 Mermaid World (555 Sticker Fun)
was wonderful for inspiring imaginative Play, the children were absorbed in playing mermaids- moving the stickers into different places on the many different scenes, helping rescue sailors who had fallen into the sea, cleaning up shells and even doing synchronised swimming!

The Dinosaur (Sticker History) book is incredibly educational, we loved discovering even more facts out about dinosaurs throughout the different periods of time as well as creating scenes with the stickers. It’s fantastic that it also includes phonetic spelling/pronunciation of the dinosaur names too. 

My Childrens’s favourite book was the Sticker Play Dinosaur Book as not only did it have amazing stickers and scenes, but it has other activities too that they really enjoyed, such as mazes and spot the difference.

Find them on Amazon here 


*Please note this post contains Amazon affiliate links, find out more in my About Me section.  

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