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“We love sending review copies to Cheshire SEN Tutor! The reviews are detailed, passionate and illuminating. We consider the feedback that we receive from Cheshire SEN Tutor to be invaluable. As we care deeply about the accessibility of our books, it has been a great help to see them analysed from a professional’s perspective, and we can take the feedback into account when developing future titles. The blogger is always polite and she has top-notch communication skills. It is a pleasure to work with Cheshire SEN Tutor and we recommend SEN Resources Blog to anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of their products from an educator’s perspective.” Amy Griffiths, Child’s Play

“We’ve really enjoyed working with Georgina on reviews as she always ensures it is a stress-free process. It’s great to have our products reviewed by an SEN expert who focuses on the educational and developmental benefits of our products. Her blog and high quality content are the perfect fit for our products!” Orchard Toys 

“It has been a real pleasure to work with CheshireSENtutor, not just because she loved our Carddies colouring in and play sets (although we were of course really pleased that she did!), but because she is very professional and thorough in carrying out her reviews. The blog is relevant to all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities, and to their parents and carers. CheshireSENtutor sees toys, books and other resources from the point of view of the child; she understands what activities engage and entertain children, and how they can be encouraged to express their imagination and develop their creativity.” Raquel Bello, Carddies 

“Cheshire SEN Tutor were a pleasure to work with. It was helpful to have a qualified educational practitioner review our product. Great enthusiasm for SEN, thoughtful blog posts created and they are clearly passionate about the resources on the market to aid in child development” My Sensory Crate

“I cannot thank Georgina enough for her incredibly professional approach to reviewing our Alphabet Table Mat. Her blogs are so informative, colourful and easy to read. Georgina is a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to asking her to review future products for us!” Edge Ahead Learning Resources LTD

For a company such as ours, honest feedback is key to product development. Working with Georgina has been of great value to not only us as a business, but for our customer’s in the Education Market. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Georgina again!” Twoey 

“We Love Georgina’s Special Needs Resources Blog so we were delighted when she asked to review one of our role play packs for it and loved the review she wrote” Pippa Miln- www.wannabees.co.uk

“Collaboring with Georgina was a stress free process, she is easy to communicate with and she produced a great blog post about one of our products.” Marketing Department, Bcreative (Economy of Brighton)

We contacted Cheshire SEN Tutor to evaluate one of our products with a view to put into her blog. I’m pleased to say that we were very happy with her positive, precise and informative blog that gave exposure to our product and company. The whole process from making contact to seeing the blog was speedy.” Tony Trowsdale Just Jigsaws Ltd.

“Cheshire SEN Tutor’s review of our Ready Steady School Letters and Sounds Box was based on good, educational knowledge. The blog is a useful source of information for parents wanting to support learning in the home featuring a good range of learning resources” Ready Steady School

“Thank you for taking the time to review my children’s story books: Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus; Jay-Jay and His Island Adventure; A Spooky Tale. It is always scary to ask someone to look at and comment on your writing. Will they like it as much as you? The feedback was honest and helpful and the communication prompt.It is even better to receive  feedback from a professional involved in children’s education” Sue Wickstead, Author

“We have been lucky to have Georgina produce a few posts for us and every time we have been more than happy with the layout and wording of each post. Georgina is very communicative and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for all your hard work.” Chris. My Memory Tree 

“It has been a pleasure working with you – we shared your post on Facebook and had great engagement, just through organic reach and it was a lovely surprise to see the TotsUp red bus included in your Mumsnet blog! Thank you and I look forward to working with you again” Sally Marks, TotsUp LTD