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12 Halloween Themed Books for Young Children

Here’s some of our favourite Halloween themed books for young children…and you’ll be pleased to see there’s no scary books in sight! Just fun books to dip their toes in the theme. 

1. My Tail’s Not Tired (Child’s Play Library)

We adore this book with its (definitely not scary but incredibly cute) monsters. The storyline is extremely familiar too for many families..with a little one fighting sleep and bedtimes!

2. Room on the Broom

A brilliant story of friendship and helping others. Featuring a friendly witch, her cat..and a crowded broomstick! 

3. Pumpkin Soup

A gorgeous autumnal story of three animal friends who’s garden has a pumpkin patch. The animals enjoy make pumpkin soup together…until Duck wants to stir the soup! 

4. I’m Just a Little Vampire (Googley-Eye Books)

Such a cute book! Complete with googley eyes, this hard-back book has to be one of the friendliest vampire books ever made!

5. Little Faces: Happy Halloween!

With a little bit of magic (or maybe clever paper engineering!) the fabulous pictures in this book change when you turn the page! 
6. Meg and Mog

Who doesn’t know Meg and Mog! A classic series of stories about magical mishaps. These books have stood the test of time (it was first published in the 70s)
7. Dry Bones (Classic Books with Holes Board Book)

Sing-along book meets basic anatomy! Not only will kids love singing the song but they can also learn the names of various bones in the body, thanks to clever cut outs in the pages.

8. Funnybones

Parents who were children in the 90s will love this one! Based on the hilarious children’s cartoon from the early 1990s, these brilliant skeletons have kids in giggles. 

9. This Cookbook is Gross: Revolting recipes to freak out your friends

An unusual non-fiction book that showcases some revolting recipes for children to try out (with parental help!) Great way of engaging kids in cookery. 

10. Spookyrumpus

We love this book! It’s bright and brilliant illustrations capture children’s imagination and it’s rhymes engage children in the fun story.

11. Little Box of Horrors (Roly Poly Box Books)

My children think this is the best! This book is in the form of a cube that can roll and fold out to display pop-up, 3D spooky characters! It’s genius!

12.Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Pumpkin Party

Based on a popular Peppa Pig Episode, kids will love this book! It’s funny and epitomises children’s Halloween parties- with the children’s spooky costumes and dancing! 


*Please note this post contains some affiliate links to Amazon (find out more on our About Me Page). We were sent some books for review, but as always,all words and opinions are our own

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