Top Ten Children’s Books About Aeroplanes

Here’s our Top Ten books for young children all about Aeroplanes! If you’re looking for children’s books on another topic- have a look what else we’ve covered here.

1. Rosie Revere, Engineer 

This is the second time that we’ve featured this book in one of our ‘Top Ten’ lists on The SEN Resources Blog  (have a look at it in our top ten construction themed books here). We’ve included it twice for good reason- it’s absolutely brilliant and we love it’s message on gender equality and not giving up. 

2. First Experiences Going on a Plane (Usborne First Experiences)

We adore the Usborne First Experiences books and this one is gorgeous. A lovely, gentle way of explaining the ins and outs of travelling by plane. 

3. That’s Not My Plane

We often include a book in our top ten lists from the ‘That’s Not My..’ series (see them in our spring and under the sea books here) So we were delighted to discover this one all about different aeroplanes! A fantastic tactile/sensory book for children. 

4. Wind-up Plane Book  

This book is absolutely incredible. Not only does it have a toy aeroplane that you can wind up and set going round the different runways (!) but it’s very educational with perfectly pitched facts to help teach children about Aeroplanes and airports. 

5. Busy Airport (Busy Books)

If your child likes interactive books with bits to pull, turn etc then this one is ideal. Beautifully illustrated and great fun! 

6. Topsy and Tim: Go on an Aeroplane

A lovely book featuring the ever popular Topsy and Tim- reassuring children that travelling on an aeroplane.

7. Maisy Goes by Plane 

You can’t go wrong with the Maisy books. This one is a brilliant,  brightly coloured story all about travelling by plane and making friends. Helping to show children that flying can be great fun!

8. Sammy Goes on an Aeroplane

We are big fans of the series Suzie Books by Charlotte Olson- see my previous reviews here. This one is fantastic for preparing children for travelling by plane. It goes through every detail of the journey from arriving at the airport and having your bags weighed to getting to your holiday destination. Ideal for children who are anxious about a flight and want to feel more in control. 

9. Planes and Rockets and Things That Fly

A brilliant book full of facts. Not only does it cover lots of different planes but it also features rockets, space crafts and even mentions birds! 

10. Amelia Earhart (Little People, Big Dreams) Like the other books in the Little People, Big Dreams series- this book is truly inspirational. Have a read of my review of this series here

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