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Review:  Layer By Layer: Discovering Dinosaurs

We’ve been reading Layer By Layer: Discovering Dinosaurs this week, an absolutely incredible children’s non-fiction book. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Multisensory & Interactive- There’s so much to do in the book to keep little ones engaged and actively involved in the book. From finding out about interesting dinosaurs, to lifting the flaps and listening to the sounds of them roaring! What’s particularly great about this book is there’s no buttons to press to activate the sounds, instead it happens when you turn the page. And cleverly, the book shows a symbol next to each of  the dinosaurs that you will hear on that page and you have to try and identify their roars! 

  • Illustrations– We love the bright,  bold colours used for the pictures in this book. Very eye catching and definitely appeal to little ones. 

  • Educational-  This book is fantastic for helping children further grow their knowledge of dinosaurs. There’s also handy phonetic spellings for each of the dinosaurs mentioned- helping children (and their frowns ups!) correctly pronounce the names. I was also delighted to see that, unlike many children’s books on dinosaurs, there’s not just dinosaurs in this book, but the mammals that lived alongside them are included too. 

Buy Layer By Layer: Discovering Dinosaurs  via Amazon here

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  1. My grandchildren love dinosaurs and I know this book will be a hit with them. It gets a big thumbs up from me as it includes the phonetic pronunciation of each dinosaur.

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