Children's Book Review

Favourite Children’s Books for Learning About the Water Cycle

If you are teaching the water cycle at a primary school or supporting your child’s learning at home, we’d recommend these books:

  • The Adventures of Water (Pop-up Book Adventures) This stunning book is designed for children aged 7 upwards. It’s clever use of pop-up paper engineering engages children in the topic. It’s also packed full of facts to support learning.

  • The Drop Goes Plop: A first look at the water cycle (Little Bees) This book is magical, it helps young children (4+) to understand the water cycle by putting it at the centre of an exciting story. A Seagull and her baby follow a water drop through it’s cycle- starting and ending with a rain cloud, and depicting all the stages in between a water drop’s fascinating journey.

With it’s absolutely gorgeous illustrations and beautiful rhymes this book is a fantastic way of introducing little ones to the basics of the water cycle.

  • What On Earth? WaterIf you’re after a little bit more from a book about the water cycle, then we would highly recommend this fabulous book. Not only does it fully explain the water cycle for kids, but it’s also packed full of engaging activities to try at home to enhance learning. For example, we had lots of fun creating our very own water gauge to collect and measure rain in the garden. If you love this book we’d also recommend the others in this series such as
    What On Earth?: Bees: Explore, create and investigate!

  • 100 Facts Weather and Project WeatherWe love both these books, they are fantastic for helping to broaden children’s knowledge of the water cycle and to develop understanding of other weather related themes. For example it covers climate change, seasons, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. These books are great for different reasons and compliment each other brilliantly. 100 Facts about Weather is exciting because it’s packed full of facts whereas Project Weather engages children with it’s lift-the-flaps and breadth of activities to try out- for example making your very own mini water cycle!

  • The Great Big Water Cycle Adventure (Look and Wonder) This book is beautiful- we love the cartoon illustrations of children exploring the stages of the water cycle. The concise explanations and bright, bold illustrations are great for teaching children about the various stages of the water cycle and how it can differ around the world.

*Please note, we were sent some samples for the purpose of this blog post, however as always all thoughts an opinions are our own. This post contains some amazon affiliate links, for more information read out ‘About me’ section.

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