Children's Book Review

Top Ten Books about MiniBeasts

Got little ones that love insects? Or covering the topic in your preschool/school?

We’ve done the hard work for you and found our favourite books about insects for young children. There’s a lovely mix of fiction and non-fiction allowing children to learn about insects through stories and facts.





1. RSPB My First Book of Garden Bugs

With beautiful photographs of insects and fun questions to spark children’s intrigue, this small book is perfect for young children to take into the garden and learn about mini beasts.

2. Ladybird First Fabulous Facts: Minibeasts Sticker Book

We are big fans of sticker books- they are great for fine motor skills. They are also fantastic for engaging and involving children in books. This lovely one by Ladybird is also full of interesting facts about bugs!

3. The Very Busy Spider

As the name suggests, a story about a very busy spider, who’s too busy to answer the farm yard animals questions or play with them in the mud, instead he spends the full day diligently spinning his beautiful web. This book by Eric Carle (same author as The Very Hungry Caterpillar) has gorgeous illustrations and a fun story.

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I’m not sure this book needs any introductions, but i’ll have a go! This well known, ever popular book is perfect for teaching children the exciting stages of butterfly metamorphosis. Kids find it hilarious too when they discover the different foods the caterpillar eats before he feels very full!

5. 100 Bugs to Fold and Fly

Such a fun idea for a book! This activity book by Usborne has tear out pages that allow children to fold, create and fly their very own pretend bugs!

6.Walter’s Wonderful Web   

This is a real favourite in our house! A tale about an adorable spider who, despite many set backs, keeps persevering with his web building mission, until he creates the perfect one! If you’re looking for a book to help reinforce and teach shapes and colours- this is ideal too.

7. First Facts Bugs

Brilliant book packed full of facts about insects for kids. Great for beginner readers too.

8. Little Explorers Bugs

With cute and friendly illustrations and flaps to lift- this book is great for curious kids to discover all about insects and their habitats.

9. Mad About Minibeasts!

From the makers of Commotion in the Ocean this bright and beautiful book, with its funny rhymes is wonderful to read together and learn about minibeasts.

10. Felicity Fly 

Written by Christina Gabbitas, this book is part of a series of books that tell the tales of a happy-go-lucky fly called Felicity and her adventures and encounters with other insects. Have a sneak peek inside and read of our review here.

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  1. Thanks for your recommendations. Makes my life as a grandparent so much easier when confronted with a shelf full of books I can now go shopping with a list in hand. Thank you!

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