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Review: Magic Water Colouring by Imagine That Publishers (Horses and Unicorns/Dinosaurs)

If like me your children absolutely love painting, but you don’t always have the time for the mess of painting activities, then these Magic Water Colouring books are ideal. The kids can create gorgeous, colourful artwork with a paintbrush…and the biggest mess you will have to deal with is just a bit of spilt water!

What are Magic Water Colouring Books?

They are beautifully designed books that have ‘magic’ pages that children can paint with water. As the child paints these pages with water, all the stunning colours that make up the picture are revealed. Children can then leave the page to dry (it doesn’t take long) and the page ‘resets’ – fading back to white, ready to be painted again!

We tried out the Magic Water Colouring Horses and Unicorns book and the Magic Water Colouring Dinosaur book*.

What did we like about them?

  • Kids Adored Them– The Children absolutely adore these books, in fact I over heard one of them say “this is the best book I’ve ever had”. They’ve had so much fun painting the pages with water and watching in awe when the bright, bold colours are revealed (as if by magic). The kids loved the variety of the activities within the Magic Water Colouring Books too, they don’t just have water painting pages, there’s also facts, stories, pages to draw on and colouring pages!

  • Convenient & Portable– As the book comes with a paint brush (and handy elastic paintbrush holder) you can easily take it out with you. In my opinion, these books would be great for keeping little ones entertained at family meals, cafes, weddings, plane journeys etc (basically anywhere where you are trying to keep them sat still for a bit! And also when you need to avoid making too much mess) We successfully tried ours out in a cafe… aka I smugly drank a cup of coffee whilst the kids were happily sat painting! It was easy to use out and about, we just put some water in a cup for the children to paint from..and that was that!

  • Reusable– One of the best things about the Magic Water Colouring Books is that they are reusable. Once painted, they dry and you can start again! This makes them great value for money as the kids can get a lot of use out of them.

  • Quality– The quality of these Magic Water Colouring Books is second to none. We were struck with how bright the colours are, how strong and sturdy the outer cover is and how the pages look fresh each time they dry.

  • Educational– I was pleasantly surprised at how educational these books are too. The dinosaur book, for example, teaches children key dinosaur facts as well as dinosaur names and how to pronounce them correctly. The Horses and Unicorn book helps children learn the names of horses and provides some interesting facts. For example, we learnt that some horses sleep stood up! They also have simple, story pages which were lovely to read to the children whilst they were painting.

  • Fun Way To Develop Important Skills- As a qualified teacher and as a parent, one of the things that excited me the most about these books was the range of possibilities they open up for skills development. Without realising, children can develop a whole array of different skills from concentration to reading and creativity. For example, something as simple as the action of holding and moving the paintbrush can help children practise their fine motor skills (these skills are imperative for learning to write- find out more about Fine Motor Skills here)

Visit the publishers of these books, Imagine That’s Website here.

You can also buy these books at Hive here or via Amazon: Magic Water Colouring Dinosaurs and Magic Water Colouring Horses and Unicorns.

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*Please note this blog post is sponsored and we received samples for the purpose of this review. However all words and opinions are our own.

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  1. I just love your blog. You always get me enthusiastic about the product you are reviewing. I just now need to decide which item to buy for my Grandchildren this Easter. Thanks.

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