Review: Hopeless Heroes! 

We’ve been reading two books from the Hopeless Heroes series by Stella Tarakson: Hera’s Terrible Trap and Here Comes Hercules  Both books are funny, engaging and a fantastic way of learning about Greek Mythology (without even realising your learning!)  What did we like about them? Funny–  These books are packed […]

Encouraging Drawing and Colouring. 

How can you encourage drawing and colouring when a child is not interested? Try mixing it in with a game they enjoy.  Do they enjoy playing ‘zoos’ with play animals? Get them to draw cages for each animal. Colouring in the grass and water for the enclosures.  Do […]

How can you develop pencil control? 

Is your child too heavy handed with a pencil crayon?  Or do they really not enjoy colouring despite your encouragement?  Pencil control and fine motor skills are developed through practice, building up the little muscles in the hand and fingers. But it can be difficult to cultivate a skill […]

Review: Dry Kids Waterproofs

This weekend me and my family have been wishing for rain! This is because we had our kids brand new Dry Kids Waterproofs to try out. I’m a tutor for children with Special Educational Needs ( and a mum of two. I’m also a big fan of outdoor […]

Imaginative Play Idea: Post Offices 

Imaginative play is such an important way for children to make sense of the world around them. (See my previous post for more details on why) I believe it’s imperative for children to take charge of play and for adults to try to take a step back. However, […]