How to get your child talking

One way we’ve found of getting kids talking and in developing their speech, language and communication skills is by introducing old mobile phones into their play!  Let’s face it, we’ve all got old phones stashed away somewhere in a drawer. Whether it be the trusty Nokia 3210 or […]

Review: Packs by Post by VeeMcDee

We were sent these absolutely stunning Craft Packs by Post by VeeMcDee this week and I can’t tell you enough how much fun we’ve had crafting, sticking, glueing and making with them!  What did we like about them?  Beautifully Presented– the pack comes sealed in a plastic wrapper […]

Imaginative Play Idea: Libraries

We love this game and children can learn such a lot from playing it. Children collect the books off their book shelves and pretend to scan them to borrow them from the ‘library’. They can also practice renewing and returning books aswell as being a librarian. What do […]

Review: Craft Monthly 

We were excited to receive our Craft Monthly box through the post this week. It is a monthly, subscription box packed full of goodies to help children develop a love of crafts!   What did we like about it? It’s made by Children for Children- this helps to […]

Imaginative Play Idea: Zoo Keepers

My children adore this imaginative play game. And imaginative play is so important (click here to find out why!)  Setting up a pretend zoo is so easy. We used building blocks to make cages, but you can use anything from  cardboard and  lolly pop sticks to stones in […]