6 ways to Encourage Turn-Taking

Taking turns can be a very difficult concept for children, especially toddlers. Usually for two reasons: Firstly: any toy that they are holding/playing with (or even any toy that they can see!) is genuinely viewed by them as their own toy. Therefore, they don’t think it’s fair to […]

Fine Motor Skills Activity: Building Blocks

A lot of children (and lets face it..adults) love building blocks.  Whether it be Lego, duplo, mega blocks or your traditional wooden building blocks- it’s a favourite toy for many.  Building blocks open a world of creativity that’s accessible to most children.  But what other benefits does this […]

20 Recommendations of Books for Bedtime 

Regardless of age or ability, books before going to sleep are a positive and relaxing habit for children. Here’s our ongoing collection of books we’d recommend for bedtime reading. Goodnight Bear (Torchlight Books) If you are after bedtime stories with the ‘WOW factor’ these are for you. Inside the […]

Fine Motor skill activity- Potato Printing

Why are Fine Motor Activities important?  Fine motor activities are those that develop and strengthen the small muscles in your child’s fingers, thumb and hand. They are therefore imperative for learning to write, eat with a knife and fork, do zips/buttons on clothes and learnt to do shoe […]

Review: Easy Start Range by Stabilo

I’ve previously blogged about the importance of choosing the right implement for your child when learning to write.  Specifically a child needs to feel comfortable when holding a pen or pencil, or they can easily be put off using it.  I’ve been trying out the East Start range […]