Review: Kinetic Sand by Spinmasters 

We have fallen in love with this toy. Kinetic Sand is like some sort of super toy! One minute you’re moulding it like play-dough..then the next you’re sprinkling it like sand! As my toddler says..”It’s Magic” It is genuinely our new favourite toy.  ​ We have the Kinetic […]

Airport Number Recognition Game 

We’ve been working on how to recognise numbers 1-10 in fun and engaging ways.  Here’s a really simple idea for an Aeroplane fan!  Get 10 pieces of paper, fold them in half and write a number on each. Stand them up to make the aeroplane hangers. Draw a […]

Review: Wobbly Garden by Fiesta Craft Toys

We’ve been playing Wobbly Garden this week:  a wonderful, wooden, wobbly game by Fiesta Crafts Toys. The aim of the game is to try and balance all the wooden pieces on the wooden ‘garden’ board without them falling off. Children can play it by themselves or take turns […]

Animal Habitats (Very Basic Intro)

Disclaimer: this is a very basic introduction into habitats, so please no zoology inaccuracies police!  What did we do?  This is such a simple activity to set up. We cut out large pieces of card, made some paper trees and found our animal toys. (Print/draw animals instead if […]

Review: Cafe Owner Pack by Wannabees

I’m a massive fan of Imaginative Play and the important role it has in a child’s understanding of the world they live in. Toddlers and preschoolers often naturally gravitate towards imaginative play activities …the play kitchen at our local playgroup, for example, is always the most popular toy! […]

Review: ABC Bus by Fiesta Craft Toys 

We absolutely adore this ABC Bus by Fiesta Craft Toys. It’s impeccably detailed, beautifully made, extremely educational and (most importantly) great fun. Made of wood, this toy bus contains 26 wooden ‘children’ with names and pictures on the front and their corresponding letter of the alphabet on the […]