Airport Number Recognition Game 

We’ve been working on how to recognise numbers 1-10 in fun and engaging ways. 

Here’s a really simple idea for an Aeroplane fan! 

Get 10 pieces of paper, fold them in half and write a number on each. Stand them up to make the aeroplane hangers. Draw a runway on another piece of paper. 

Find some toy aeroplanes or make some paper aeroplanes. 

Choose two or 3 numbered hangers each time. Play landing the aeroplanes on the runway and putting them in their hangers. 

Get your child to play landing the plane to the correct numbered hanger (tell them which one to go to)

And then swap roles with your child being the air traffic controller choosing the numbered hanger for your plane to land in. 

Keep changing the hangers round so your child masters recognising numbers 1-10. And have fun! 


3 Little Buttons

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