Review: My Sensory Crate 

We were very excited to receive the first ever My Sensory Crate (in a very smart parcel!) through the post this week.

My Sensory Crate is a subscription box designed for children who would benefit from sensory play. For example Autistic children and children with sensory prosessing  disorders. But as the creators of My Sensory Crate explain on their website, it can be used for any child who enjoys sensory toys. 

The Sensory Crate is founded by Natalie, who has experience of working with children with Special Educational Needs. The crate is packed full of sensory toys that Natalie has hand picked to help with children’s development. 

Here’s a look inside the October box:

What did we like about it? 

  • VariationMy Sensory Crate is packed full of different toys to spark the interest of all children. From a fantastic Bubble Wand to a Squishy Mesh Ball! 

  • Themed – We loved that this box was loosely themed on Halloween, with orange and green packing and skeleton and spider sensory toys! This further engages children. 

  • Toys to Stimulate Different Senses- The toys have clearly been carefully selected in order to stimulate different senses. There are tactile toys such as the Squishy Mesh Ball. Visual toys such as the Fibre Optic Wand. And they’ve even included a ‘Bath Sprudel’ (child’s bath bomb) to stimulate smell, touch, sound (it fizzes loudly!) and sight.

  • TherapeuticMy Sensory Crate is designed to be  therapeutic and helpful for children with Autism and or Sensory Processing Disorders. The box includes toys to help develop Fine Motor Skills (e.g the plasticine), toys to strengthen hands (e.g the squishy mesh ball) and toys to help children when anxious or overwhelmed (e.g the spider sensory toy)

  • Handy Guidance. Each box comes with a useful guide of the contents of the box and the benefits of each item. Great for getting the most out of the resource. 

Here’s a voucher code to save 10% of your first month-to-month My Sensory Crate box: CHESSEN10

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