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Review: Paw Patrol Turtle Rescue Rubble Set! Ionix Junior Building Blocks By Spinmaster

What a terrific toy! We’ve been having a brilliant time building  with our Ionix Junior set by SpinMasters this week.

The Paw Patrol Turtle Rescue Rubble Set comes with 15 Ionix Junior building blocks, a sheet of 4 turtle stickers (for the bricks) and your very own Rubble! And with the help of the picture provided, children can make their very own tunnel for the turtles to travel through.

As my toddler said “just like Rubble digs in that Paw Patrol episode!” Obviously we had to find (and watch!) that episode on check! 

What did we like about it?

  • Easy to Build– unlike some other building blocks, these are extremely straightforward to fit together. Making it easier for young children and those that find construction tasks challenging, to build and create something exciting! 

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills– All the picking up, manoevouring and clicking bricks together requires the tiny muscles in the hands and fingers. This develops Fine Motor skills which are imperative for learning to write. 

  • Following Instructions- by having the picture of the finished Paw Patrol Tunnel on the side of the box, it really incentivises children to try and follow instructions to build it. And the satisfaction they get when theirs matches the box (and the TV episode) is immense! 

  • Creative Play– although the primary aim is to build the Paw Patrol tunnel, children can also use their imaginations to create whatever they want with the bricks. Great for encouraging creativity. And if you find there’s not enough bricks for their creation, as my toddler informed me.. there’s plenty of other Ionix Junior sets to get to add more pieces to the collection. 

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