Children's Book Review

Review: Storm Whale  by Sarah Brennan 

For our bedtime story tonight we read a breathtakingly beautiful and poetic book called Storm Whale by Sarah Brennan and Ilustrated by Jane Tanner (Old Barn Books)

What did we like about it? 

  • Poetry- Written in rhyme, we felt like we were singing our way through this gorgeous, hypnotic book. I’m a big fan of rhyming stories as they make stories even more accessible to all abilities and ages. Even if a story is pitched at a higher level, everyone can enjoy the sensory experience of listening to the rhyming words and rhythm.   
  • Descriptive- The way Sarah Brennan describes the children’s attempt at saving the beached whale is stunning. Making you feel like you are there with them, helping to keep the whale alive. 

  • Illustrations- The illustrations by Jane Tanner are spectacular. They capture the mood and emotions of the story perfectly. 

  • Promotes kindness and compassion. The moral of this story is that of kindness and the importance of looking after others. A vital value to instil in all children. 

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