Children's Book Review

Review: Dog on a Digger and Dog on a Train by Kate Prendergast 

We’ve been enjoying these superb, wordless, picture books by Kate Prendergast today: Dog on a Digger and Dog on a Train (Old Barn Books)

What did we like about them?

  • Wordless– Books without words, like these by Kate Prendergast, enable children, regardless of reading ability, to access and love literature. They help develop speech, language and communication skills- as children describe and explain what they see in the pictures.

  • Detail of the Illustrations– The detail of Kate Prendergast’s illustrations is phenomenal. There is so much to see and talk about. Making the books very engaging and a great way to get children chatting!

  • Use of Colour– Colour is used in the illustrations to cleverly highlight the key points to the plot. Enabling children to focus their attention more easily.

  • Loyalty and Friendship- Both stories have a wonderful moral of friendship and loyalty. Such important values to promote to children. 

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