Children's Book Review

Review: Bee & Me by Alison Jay

We’re in love with this inspiring, wordless, picture book Bee and Me by Alison Jay (Old Barn Books). 

Not only is it absolutely adorable (it has very cute illustrations) but it sends out an important message about why we need to look after the natural world.

What did we like about it? 

  • Its Wordless: This week I witnessed a little girl asking her friend to read a book. I then overheard the boy (who can’t yet read) say to the girl “I’m sorry I can’t.. I don’t know the words” I was fortunate enough to be able to pass him Bee and Me and say “Try this”. And he was delighted that he could ‘read’ this book and not let his little friend down. This highlights the hidden importance of wordless books in enabling all children, regardless of ability, to access and love literature. 

  • Helps Develop Speech, Language and Communication Skills- Just because a book doesn’t have words, doesn’t mean a child isn’t learning. In fact, quite the opposite! Wordless books like Bee and Me develop speech, language and communication skills as the child becomes the storyteller! Children look at the pictures and (sometimes with the help of questions/prompts) can state, describe and explain what is happening in the book. 

  • Importance of Bees– We loved that this book teaches young children why we need to look after nature, in particular bees. It even has a page at the back that lists bee friendly flowers that you can plant! 

  • Friendship- Bee and Me is all about friendship and has a valuable moral of the importance of helping others whether it be bees or people!

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