Top STEM Toys/Resources for Kids

STEM toys or STEAM toys as it’s more recently been named, are toys that help children develops their skills and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. There’s a whole range of wonderful STEM toys available. Here’s some of our favourites this year, that we’ve thoroughly tried and tested!

1. Magformers Sky Track

Build a monorail track then test it out by sending your very own battery powered vehicle along it! See if you can get it to go upside down, up a lift and even do a barrel roll. This toy is so good we even dedicated our first ever VLOG to it (watch it on YouTube here– where you can really see why this toys is one of our favourites!) Or read our full review here.

P.s if you buy if via their website, use our discount code for 10% off ‘SENRES10′ 

2. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

We love this Robot! If you want to get your kids into coding (an important part of primary school learning now!) then this little guy is the way to do it! Read our full review here.

3. Strictly Bricks

If you’re after a great value construction toy for young kids, without small parts, that’s compatible to other brick toys..then this is fantastic! So open ended providing hours of fun building and creating.

Find out more and see some more pictures in our full review here.

4. Nuts And Bolts Wooden Building Contruction Kits
Such a brilliant idea for a toy, children can use large nuts and bolts and pieces of wood with holes in to build their own creations. We tried out the ‘work bench chair’ kit (see our review here) but they also do lots more now.

5. Cheatwell Games Build your own 3D Dinosaur T-Rex Model

If your child loves dinosaurs then this brilliant and easy kit for building your very own T-Rex Model might be worth a look at! Read our full review here.

6. Jungle Heads and Tails

We love this lovely, gentle introduction to puzzles by Orchard Toys. Lovely for learning about jungle animals too.


7. Easy Read Time Teacher Watch and Clock

We’ve been raving about these two Resources recently and with good reason, they make learning to tell the time so much easier and are popular with kids. A brilliant, practical present option. Find out more about what we thought here and how they help children learn to tell the time.

8. Orchard Toys Giraffes in Scarves Game

This game has had my children in giggles- a fun, counting game that can be enjoyed by a whole range of ages.

9. Could a Shark do Gymnastics? (What if a)

We stumbled on this wonderful ‘what if a…’ book series recently and can’t get enough of them! These clever,non-fiction books are full of questions to get kids thinking and using their imaginations. They are also packed with interesting facts to learn.

10. Lego

I couldn’t do a STEM gift guide without mentioning Lego! What’s not to love about this classic toy? It’s brilliant for developing creativity, imagination, patience and a whole range of other skills!

*Please note we were sent some products for review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are our own. This blog post includes some Amazon Affiliate Links- find out more on our About Me page. 

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