Review: EasyRead Time Teacher Wall Clock

I’m genuinely really excited about writing this post as I’m absolutely in love with this product and very pleased to be able to help others by recommending it. 

In my opinion, teaching children to tell the time has to be one of the hardest of the early life skills. So when I found out about the EasyRead Time Teacher Wall Clock, which makes learning to tell the time so much simpler,  I was understandably thrilled!

 What is it? Why is it different to regular clocks?

The EasyRead Time Teacher Wall Clock‘s main difference from other clocks is that it comprises of two different coloured halves. One half has all the minutes past the hour (up to 30) printed on it. And the other half has all the minutes to the hour printed on it. 

This means children can use the same process for telling the time when reading the minutes to the hour as they do when reading minutes past the hour. Their teaching system is as follows:

What do we like about it?

  • The Teaching System Works– It is such a simple way of learning to tell the time as it doesn’t require children to ‘work out’ the minutes to the hour, but instead they can start by reading them using the three step process. We’ve tried and tested the clock and teaching method and it’s genuinely helped the children learn to tell the time. And what’s fantastic is once children get used to learning how to tell the time using this clock, they can then transfer their skills when telling the time with other clocks they see elsewhere. 

  • Appeals to Kids– Importantly kids love this clock! Thanks to its colourful design, friendly font and big numbers it really appeals to children. We found that The EasyRead Time Teacher Wall Clock makes children want to try to learn to tell the time. And self motivation is really important when learning new things. 

  • Shows the Minutes– We loved that this clock shows the minutes as written numbers. Often there’s a presumption that kids will be able to count the lines or estimate how many minutes past the hour, which is really difficult. This clock takes that difficulty away and as a result makes telling the time easier. 
  • Fractions– Cleverly this wall clock doesn’t just include all the minutes but displays their fractions (when appropriate) too. For example, at 30 minutes it also has the fraction for a half- helping children to make the link between the two. This is important as it can be confusing for some children when different phrases are used interchangeably for the same time. For example “half past 3” is also “3.30” but not “30 minutes past 3”. 

  • Large Numbers for Hours- Not only do the large numbers make this clock appealing to kids. The big font also makes reading the numbers easier- further helping children to learn how to tell the time.

  • Silent- Ticking Clocks can be really irritating and distracting for some people. Thankfully this wall clock is silent! 

Want to buy one? Have a look at their website here 

Find it on Amazon here.


*Please note we were sent a sample for review and this post is sponsored. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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