Construction Week

Review:Wooden Nuts and Bolts Building Construction Work Bench Chair 

This construction kit for budding, pre-school engineers is absolutely brilliant. 

It contains screws, bolts, pieces of wood (with pre-cut holes) a spanner, hammer and screwdriver. Everything a child needs to make their very own chair. Or use their imagination and  make whatever sparks their interest. 

My stars:

  • There’s a purpose! So many construction/craft activities are open ended. And whilst this develops imagination, for some children a lack of instruction/plan can be a stumbling block. The purpose of this kit is brilliant ‘to build a chair’. And not just any old chair, one that is strong enough to be their very own chair to sit on. This gives ownership to the task and a great amount of motivation.
  • The task of constructing the chair develops fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills.

  • The kit is of a very high quality. 

Toys of Wood now sell another construction kit, click on the photo below to buy from Amazon:

    (Affiliate link) 

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