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Review: Strictly Briks (204 piece set)

We’ve been constructing and creating with Strictly Briks this weekend. 

An affordable (and compatible!) building toy for children. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Develops Skills- It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of building blocks in general, and these are a great choice. I love building blocks for helping children to develop skills through play. They are fantastic for encouraging creativity, imagination and fine motor skills (find out more here). 


    • Value for Money– We were very impressed with the price of the Strictly Briks. Not only are the sets affordable, but you get a lot of bricks for your money. We had 204 pieces in our set of bricks, which enabled a few children to play together…..and huge creations to be built!


    • Compatibility– Helpfully, the  Strictly Briks fit with other big brand building bricks. 

        • Range of Colours & Shapes– The children liked how many colours and shapes of bricks there were in the set. In particular, the number of colours included is quite impressive. 

          •  Unique Extras– Most exciting about this product however, are the extra, unique pieces and sets you can also get. We’ve yet to play with them, but thought the baseplates, trapdoors, cube and silicon straps looked really fun and novel!

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          1. Very interesting. Delighted they are compatible with other popular building bricks on the market. Would you say the quality is comparable?

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