Dinosaur week

Review:  Build your own 3D Dinosaur T-Rex Model by Cheatwell Games

If your kids love dinosaurs or you are covering the theme in your education setting then have a look at this fantastic resource we’ve been fortunate enough to have a go with!

Cheatwell Games Build your own 3D Dinosaur T-Rex Model

A brilliant and easy kit for building your very own T-Rex Model.

What did we like about it?

  • Popular Theme-  Dinosaurs are very popular with young children and as my four year old informs me “T Rexs are the best, they are like the bosses of the dinosaurs”. So this model is likely to be a big hit with a lot of young children! It’s an incredible model of a T Rex too- with brilliant detail including beady eyes, scaly skin and terrifying teeth!

  • Kids Can Do It- We absolutely adored that this model set can actually be done by children. Sounds ridiculous, but not all model kits are suitable for children which can be incredibly frustrating for children…and hard work for adults!  Cheatwell Games are wonderful though as they have designed this type of model (like the Spitfire we reviewed last month ) so that children can do it. Children might need a bit of support from an adult but they are safe having a go as they don’t need any glue or scissors they just pop the pieces out and fold and push them in place. Also the resulting model is safe to play with, it doesn’t have sharp edges and is made of a soft foam like material.
    • Develops Skills- So many skills can be developed whilst building this model. The best thing is..kids have no idea it’s educational! They are learning how to follow instructions as well as developing their fine motor skills and patience.
    • Fun– Most importantly it’s great fun to build! It provides an ideal opportunity for quality family time, working together with a grown up to create it and children get such pride from what they have achieved building it.

    Find it on Amazon here:

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