Review: Magformers Sky Track Play Set 

We’ve been trying out the Magformers Sky Track set this week on The SEN Resources Blog and we’ve made our first ever VLOG!!! Please head over to our You Tube Channel and watch it and subscribe to our (brand new) channel!

For those that read our blog you’ll know we are big fans of magformers and so when we saw they had a sky track with a battery powered monorail car we were very excited to try it out.

What did we like about it? 

Fun! Most importantly it’s a brilliant toy and provides hours of entertainment. The possibilities of track building are practically endless and it’s great fun trying out different set ups and seeing what happens.

Exciting Pieces – it’s not just the battery powered vehicle that the children loved, they really enjoyed playing with the lift that takes the car down and the peice that enables the vehicle to do a sort of barrel roll. It’s like no other toy we have at home and the children genuinely love playing with it.

Great for Developing Skills– Without realising it, kids are developing so many skills when playing with this set. They can use the instruction book and develop their skills at following instructions step by step. Or they can use their imagination and creativity and try and plan their own tracks out- which requires forward thinking and planning. Clicking the pieces together requires children to use their fine motor skills- building up the tiny muscles in their fingers, hands etc (these skills are needed for learning to write for example) We also noticed that when the children were putting the pieces together it also required them to develop their hand eye coordination.

Compatible with Magformer Sets– We loved that the Sky Track also fits with the regular Magformers sets too. Great, if like us, you enjoy collecting Magformer sets!

Watch our You Tube Video all about it here 
Please note we were sent a set for review but as always all thoughts are our own. 

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