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Review: Hape VW Camper Van/ Classic Bus Walker

We discovered a really novel walker this week by Hape. Designed to look like a VW camper van/classic bus, this sturdy walker is fantastic for helping older babies, toddlers and young children to learn how to walk. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Stability– I loved how stable this walker is and how you can fill it with toys, building blocks etc to make it even more sturdy so that it’s not going to tip over when the child holds on to it. Great for helping babies learn to walk but also nice as a toy for a child who might not be stable on their feet and needs some extra support. A brilliant gross motor toy (find out why gross motor skills are so important to develop here)

    • Looks ‘grown up’– Not only is the walker lovely as it’s made out of wood and looks nice in your house (…better than a huge plastic walker in my opinion!) but by looking more ‘grown up’ than the standard baby walker it also appeals to kids more!
    • Multi Use– What’s great is it’s not just a walker it’s also a toy in its own right as it can be a toy vehicle pushed around and filled up to move things around the room. 

    Find it Here on Amazon. 

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