Dinosaur week

Review: Mini Robosarus- Infared Remote Controlled Dinosaur by Wicked Uncle 

This weekend we’ve had a small, black and white dinosaur whizzing round our living room! 

This remote controlled toy Dinosaur, aptly named Robosaurus is from Wicked Uncle, a brilliant and easy to use online children’s toy shop- that helps you not only find the ideal kids gift, but will also gift wrap it, include a card (…and remind you about the child’s birthday the following year!) 

What did we like about Mini Robosaurus? 

  • Easy to Use–  As a child I remember countless remote controlled toys that had loads of buttons and were impossible to control! So I was somewhat relieved when I spotted just two buttons on this dinosaurs remote! So simple to use and best of all, one of the buttons turns the dinosaur around, so you can’t get him stuck in a corner. 

  • Fun! The kids loved this toy, he’s surprisingly fast too…and strong! (I’ve witnessed it being directed into a whole stack of duplo and it knocking it all over!!)

  • Portable- We loved that the toy and accompanying remote are quite small so can easily be taken to grandparents houses, friends houses on holiday etc. Great for Christmas gifts! 

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