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Best Outdoor Toys/Resources for Preschool and Primary Age Children

With the promise of summer around the corner we’ve been searching for the best outdoor toys and resources for pre-school and primary aged children to enjoy! With the current Covid-19 restrictions meaning children can only play with others outside of school, outdoors at the moment..these resources will hopefully […]

How to Make Water Rockets!

Todays activity is Water Rockets! Here’s how we made and launched our very own water rockets* . What did we use? Pop bottles Paper PVA glue Football pump Football pump adapter put in the middle of a wine bottle cork. Water Colouring crayons   How did we make […]

Making a Wildlife Scrapbook

One of my favourite activities to do with children is to look for Wildlife. Not only is it lots of fun, but by creating a scrapbook of the Wildlife they encounter it becomes a fantastic learning opportunity. I was therefore delighted to discover we could create beautiful Wildlife […]