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Review: Nancy B’s Science Club® MoonScope and Sky Gazer’s Activity Journal™

It’s been a beautiful, sunny week and it’s meant we’ve had some lovely, clear skies in the evening. We’ve been making the most of this by letting the kids stay up a bit later to try out this MoonScope.

What is it?

Nancy B’s Science Club MoonScope is a light weight, foldable, plastic telescope designed to enable children to observe things like the mountains on the moon and Saturn’s rings! It comes complete with a (wonderful) Sky Gazers Activity Journal.

What did we like about it?

  • It Works! – This might sound like a ridiculous point, but as a former science teacher I find it very frustrating when toy science equipment doesn’t work as well as you’d like it to. I was relieved and excited to find that this MoonScope really works well and with care and precision you can see the moon enlarged using it.
  • Sparks Children’s Interest in Space– I find Space incredibly fascinating but I’m not naive enough to think all children share this view. But I do think ‘toys’ such as this can be the catalyst to start a child’s love of space. Who could resist trying this MoonScope out to have a chance of seeing the moon up close?!

  • Encourages Patience- Patience is a tricky skill to develop (even for grown-ups!) and the incentive to persevere often has to be quite a good one! Seeing the detail of the moon is definitely a great reward for concentrating and trying hard with the MoonScope and we’ve found it wonderful watching the children’s determination and achievements.

  • Foldable– I was a little concerned that it was going to ‘take over’ our house and we wouldn’t have anywhere to keep it. But thankfully it’s small, the tripod base folds up and the telescope part can either fold with it or be taken off, so you can easily store it away. It’s also very light weight and easy for children to carry.

  • Wonderful Accompanying Activity Journal- I absolutely love the journal By Nancy B that comes with the MoonScope. It’s truly fantastic. Packed full of interesting facts, exciting and thought provoking tasks and also tips, hints & activities to make the most of the MoonScope. Children can create a moon diary, practise using the different eye pieces and even has some fun advice of how to use the MoonScope on cloudy days.

But it on Amazon here.

*Please note we were sent a sample for review and this post is sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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