Making a Wildlife Scrapbook

One of my favourite activities to do with children is to look for Wildlife. Not only is it lots of fun, but by creating a scrapbook of the Wildlife they encounter it becomes a fantastic learning opportunity.

I was therefore delighted to discover we could create beautiful Wildlife scrapbook easily and securely online using  My Memory Tree.

My Memory Tree is a fun and easy to use website designed to create photo albums, diaries and scrapbooks that can be shared online or printed. My Memory Tree kindly sponsored this post.

How to Make a Wildlife Scrapbook

  1. Get outdoors with the kids! Play in the garden, go for walks, visit forests, farms and rivers.


2. Encourage your children to point out interesting leaves, twigs, flowers and animals that they spot when outside.

3. Take photographs! Capture the wonderful nature and Wildlife that you encounter on your adventures. Even better if your child has a go at taking the photographs themselves. They take all the best photographs!

4. Upload them onto to your computer or save them on your mobile device.

5. Organise the photos you’ve taken. We used My Memory Tree to create the scrapbook. We uploaded each photo into our scrapbook and enjoyed discussing and writing about what we saw.

6. Share it with other people! Either print it (at home or via their affiliate print shop) or share it online. Both of which we were able to do with My Memory Tree.

Benefits to all children

In my experience all children can benefit from making Wildlife scrapbooks. However, it can be a particularly good activity for children with Special Educational Needs to help develop speech, language and memory skills in a fun and informal way.

The Other Benefits of this Activity Include:

  • Encourages Regular Outdoor Activity.  In order to complete the scrapbook children need to be outdoors in nature regularly to capture sufficient photographs! It is a great incentive for children (and adults!) to get fresh air, exercise and that all important Vitamin D from sunlight.
  • Calming and Therapeutic Activity.  Being outdoors is emotionally and mentally beneficial. It can help children to relax, sleep better at night and feel less anxiety and stress.
  • Learn about Nature and our Environment- Children develop their knowledge and understanding of nature and Wildlife through completing a Wildlife scrapbook. They can learn everything from names of plants and animals, to the impact of humans on their environment. This activity can be developed by encouraging children to refer to books to research the animals they have captured in their scrapbook.
  • Develop Literacy Skills. I love that making a wildlife scrapbook helps children to  practise their writing and reading skills in a fun way! In my experience children are keen to try to write about the Wildlife photographs themselves and enjoy trying to read their scrapbooks to friends and family.

My Memory Tree‘s website isn’t just for Wildlife scrapbooks. For example, children can make scrapbooks about their day/holidays. This can be a great tool to help children who might otherwise find it difficult to communicate what has happened.

Parents can also use them to create photo-books with family photographs and to document and share their children’s achievements-such as first steps and first words.

My Memory Tree provide peace of mind that photos and information stored on their site can’t be found by searching the internet.

To find out more about My Memory Tree, visit their website here


Lucy At Home

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  1. My children’s school is a ‘forest school’ and the reception class spend a huge amount of time outside. I will definitely suggest they have a look at this site.
    We are caravaners and making a wildlife scrapbook each time we are away is definitely on the agenda.

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  2. We will be giving this a go (when it’s a bit warmer and not chucking it down with rain!). I’ve made checklists for them in the last and we’ve gone on walks and seen how many we could check off but coming home and talking about them is a great way for kids to learn. We love the cow picture – it made me and my son giggle x

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