Favourite Children’s Books about Autumn

It’s Autumn! Not only have we been looking at some autumn based crafts this week but we’ve compiled our list of our 5 current favourite Autumnal books for young children.

Any ones you think we should have included and need to know about? Please let us know!

Our favourite children’s books about/featuring autumn:

  • Squirrels Busy Day– A lovely autumnal story about a squirrel who’s too busy collecting acorns for his friends. We love how this story teaches children the importance of friendships.
  • Leaf Man– If you’re after a book to inspire little ones- this is the book for you! In fact, I’d say most children are likely to be desperate to create their very own leaf man as soon as they’ve finished the book! It’s gorgeous illustrations and playful story really captures children’s imagination.

  • Stick Man– Whilst many may argue this is more of a Christmas time book, I couldn’t not include this wonderful, hilarious and rhyming story by Julia Donaldson. Who knew sticks had family members and had to watch out for so many dangers!

  • The Squirrels That Squabbled– A brilliant book that will not only get children giggling away but teaches them why it’s important to make friends and not fall out. It also illustrates the value of a sense of humour!

  • The Very Helpful Hedgehog– We adore this book. It’s about a little hedgehog who doesn’t want friends, until he has a problem that he can’t solve himself and realises its better to have friends around.

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  1. Love your book recommendations. I now only have to chose 2 from your list rather than a couple from a whole shop! But seriously your recommendations have always hit the spot.


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