Kids Craft

How to Make a MiniBeast Garden with the Kids

This is a lovely activity for children of all ages, from just toddling babies (who will enjoy collecting the leaves, with help!) to older children who are keen to learn about nature.
What did we do?

We had great fun collecting leaves, conkers, stones, grass, bark etc from the garden and placing them in a large container. We tried to organise them all in areas to create different habitats for different MiniBeasts.


  • Categorising– it’s a brilliant activity for helping children understand how to group similiar objects together.
  • Develops speech, Language and Communication Skills– We found this activity really got the kids chatting, with questions and descriptions of  the objects (and creatures!) they found.
  • Develops Basic Science Understandig- Children learn very basic plant biology discussing leaves, conkers, grass etc. They can also develop their understanding of minibeasts that they may discover!

  • Outdoors– Great activity for encouraging children to play outside. It gives them purpose when playing and is a fun activity to complete with other children and encourage team work.
  • Little Preparation– You literally just need a container and some outdoor space! So a very easy activity to russel up in a couple of minutes!



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