Alphabet Activity

Practising Forming the Letters of the Alphabet in the Sand Pit! – Fun, outdoor learning activity. 

With this gorgeous weather, I’ve been keen to find ways to reinforce  letter formation whilst still enjoying being in the garden. 

Over the colder months we’ve spent a lot more time practising sensory ways of forming the letters of the alphabet and I’ve been a little concerned that I’d neglected this area because… we’ve been having so much fun in the sun. 

Keen to combine the two and adapt to their choice of being outside- we had great fun practising forming the letters of the alphabet in the sand pit! 

Here’s how:

1. Printed off our free Alphabet Printable

2. Popped it in the sand pit

3. Let them explore.

4. Suggested and encouraged different ways of putting sand and stones on the outline of the letter- pouring sand, putting on with hands and pushing off excess sand with an implement. (Great for fine motor skills)

5. Had a go at writing the letters in the sand afterwards with fingers and lollipop sticks. 

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