Best Children’s Books About Wildlife (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

Looking for non-fiction and fiction children’s books about wildlife?

We’ve complied our current favourite wildlife books for young children.

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  • Bugs and Butterflies– This brilliant book not only teaches children about mini beasts but has fun bug based activities such as colouring, dot-to-dot and mazes!

  • The Only Way Is Badger– A story about diversity and acceptance featuring one of Britain’s most iconic wildlife animals as it’s main character. A great book for teaching the importance of inclusion.

  • With Your Paw in Mine– A gorgeous tale of friendship between the most adorable Otters (the illustrations are stunning). Which, through the story, teaches children about loyalty as well as where and how otters live.

  • How To Help A Hedgehog and Protect A Polar Bear– If you’re hoping to inspire the next generation in the importance of protecting our wildlife…then look no further. This incredible book, published in collaboration with The National Trust, not only makes you want to help our wildlife but it also provides practical, realistic ways that children can help.

  • Peep Inside Night Time– Many wildlife species are nocturnal and this lovely, lift-the-flap book showcases some of these nighttime animals.

  • Tree– Beautiful illustrations and a wonderful way of teaching children about the seasons and their effects on wildlife.

  • Nature Book– We loved reviewing this book a while back (have a read of our full review here) “The Nature Book teaches children about nature as well as providing relevant and exciting craft activities to try! 

  • Who’s Hiding at the Seaside– What a brilliant book! Children can discover interesting facts about seaside wildlife under the flaps of this beautifully illustrated children’s book. Fast becoming a favourite on our book shelf.

  • British Wildlife Handbooks– If your children have a real thirst for wildlife knowledge these amazing handbooks are a great choice. They even have pages for children to draw the wildlife they spot and make notes! We’ve had a lot of fun using these.

  • A Walk Through Nature– Poetry, facts and stunning illustrations- this book is a wonderful choice for fostering a love of nature in young children.

  • What On Earth Bees Bees are incredibly important and this book helps show children why. Packed with fun facts, activities and fabulous illustrations- it’s a great book for kids.

*Please note we were sent samples of some books for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains amazon affiliate links, for more information on this have a read of our ‘about me’ page.

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