Kids Craft

How to Make Water Rockets!

Todays activity is Water Rockets! Here’s how we made and launched our very own water rockets* .

What did we use?

  • Pop bottles
  • Paper
  • PVA glue
  • Football pump
  • Football pump adapter put in the middle of a wine bottle cork.
  • Water
  • Colouring crayons


How did we make it?

1. The children coloured and decorated paper and stuck with PVA glue to the outside of the bottle.

2. We then made a nose cone by cutting out a circle of paper, cutting into the centre then pulling into a cone shape and sticking it onto the base of the bottle.

3. We then made wings using paper and sticking on with the glue.

How did we launch it?

  • We put a football pump adapter into the centre of a cork from a wine bottle and filed it down so it fit inside the bottle.

  • We then filled the bottles with a little bit of water. Got the children to stand out of the way and pumped the bottle away into the sky!! And got very wet!!!

*I accept no responsibility for harm, winjury, damage etc. This is just how we did it, no safe instructions to follow. Please risk assess yourselves. We personally took precautions such as the children standing far away from the pump and no one standing or leaning over the rocket. You may decide to use eye protection.

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