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What Can Children Learn from a Sticker Book? 

Until having kids, I’ll be honest I didn’t really see the point of sticker books. I naively thought they were just about pulling stickers off and sticking them in place, and I didn’t really understand what children could learn from them or why they enjoyed them. I presumed […]

Review: Manchester Museum

We had a brilliant time visiting Manchester Museum. We love Dinosaurs on The SEN Resources Blog so we figured it’s a perfect time to share our review of the Museum, as it’s home to some incredible dinosaur fossils! What did we like about Manchester Museum?  Dinosaurs– They were […]

Review: Magformers Dinosaur Set 

It’s no secret that we are now a little bit obsessed with Magformers (read my previous review here) so when we discovered they had Dinosaur Magformers we were beyond excited. Especially as it’s our Dinosaur Themed Week on The SEN Resources Blog this week. The Dinosaur Set is […]