Dinosaur week

Review: Big Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle By Orchard Toys 

Do your little ones like Dinosaurs? We’ve been practising our problem solving skills by completing the  Orchard Toys Big Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle  this week. 

What do we like about it?

  • Engaging-  Due to the high level of detail, fantastic illustrations and use of bright bold colours- this jigsaw puzzle is great for engaging children in jigsaws. The children were so excited to create the puzzle so they could make all the dinosaurs on the box. 

  • Level of Challenge- There’s 50 pieces in this puzzle and the final picture has curved edges (meaning there’s some unusual pieces) resulting in a puzzle that’s a step up in terms of difficulty, from a basic children’s jigsaw. 

  • Educational- We loved the educational value of this puzzle, on the box of the puzzle there is lots of information about the dinosaurs featured and the different periods of time they were around. This helps to further enrich children’s play by developing their knowledge of dinosaurs. 

Find it here on Amazon

*Please note this post contains Amazon Affiliate links, for more information please read out About Me section. 

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