Dinosaur week

Review: Magformers Dinosaur Set 

It’s no secret that we are now a little bit obsessed with Magformers (read my previous review here) so when we discovered they had Dinosaur Magformers we were beyond excited. Especially as it’s our Dinosaur Themed Week on The SEN Resources Blog this week.

The Dinosaur Set is made up of 65 green/brown pieces of various shapes. Using the informative instruction cards included, you can learn how to build (quite large!) 3D dinosaurs!! 

What did we like about it? 

  • Size- The children found it so exciting how big the dinosaurs they created were! And what’s fantastic is the actual pieces don’t take up much room at all when they aren’t been used. 

      • Educational- We were suprised with how much we learnt about dinosaurs from the Magformer set. The people at Magformers have cleverly included key facts and pictures of each dinosaur on it’s instruction sheet, helping to develop children’s prehistoric knowledge! The pictures of how to build each dinosaur are really useful too.

        • Extends Their Magformer Skills– My children absolutely love playing with Magformers and have great fun creating and building using their My First Play Building Set and the WOW Set. What’s great about the Dinosaur Set is it really extends their capabilities, building on the skills they’ve learnt with their other sets to create even bigger and better (…and scarier!) creations!  Through building Magformers children are developing their fine motor skills, problem solving skills and creativity. 

          • Fun Family Activity- Lots of you commented on our previous magformers review about how YOU (the grown ups!) would like to play with them too and how Magformers look fun for adults too …and we couldn’t agree more! They are wonderful to play with as a family…we even got a bit competitive trying to build the most realistic dinosaur!

            Use our discount code (SENRES10)  for 10 % off to buy the Dinosaur Set, or any of the other Magformers sets from their website here

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