Dinosaur week

Dinosaur ‘Fossil’ Hunting Sensory Activity 

Here’s a fun, sensory activity for kids to help them develop fine motor skills and a love of dinosaurs!

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Here’s a fun, Sensory Activity for children to play that also helps develops Fine motor control and hand strength…and a love of dinosaurs!

Dinosaur fossil hunting Sensory Play.. #sensorydinohunt

In terms of science…no it’s not very true to life, but for younger children it’s a great introduction to ‘ fossil’ hunting.

What do you need?

  • Tray
  • Cous cous/sand/ kinetic sand -we used to different sizes of cous cous for effect!
  • Toy dinosaurs (or pretend fossils!)
  • Paint brush

What do they do?

Have fun burying the dinosaurs in cous cous then discovering them by carefully brushing away the cous cous…then bury them again!!

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