Review: Easy Start Range by Stabilo

I’ve previously blogged about the importance of choosing the right implement for your child when learning to write.  Specifically a child needs to feel comfortable when holding a pen or pencil, or they can easily be put off using it.  I’ve been trying out the East Start range […]

How to Make a Dinosaur Egg 

Exciting and fun rainy-day activity to engage children…can even tempt those who say they ‘don’t enjoy crafts’! What will you need? PVA glue + water to make paper mache mix. Strips of newspaper/paper Paintbrush String (to hang it) Balloon Scissors Paint (optional) Adult supervision and help Develops: hand […]

Taste ‘n’ Tell 

As a mum of a toddler and tutor of children with Special Educational Needs ( I know the difficulty that some children face when trying new foods.  Often it’s not just the taste of new foods but their texture and colour that can cause children to reject them.  […]

Resources for Learning the Alphabet 

As with anything that you are trying to teach a child, it’s important to use a few different approaches. This is because everyone learns in different ways. These are a few resources that I’m using at the moment to help aid the learning of the alphabet with children […]