Children's Book Review

Review: Astronaut Lamby by Jude Lennon 

For our bedtime story this evening we read Astronaut Lamby by Jude Lennon and illustrated by Holly Bushnell.

An exciting, rhyming space story for children; that has an all important, happy ending.
There’s no better judge of a children’s book in my opinion than a child, they are completely and utterly honest. So il quote my own toddler to summarise our view of this book:

“I love space so it was brilliant!”

What else did we like about it? 

  • Rhymes- Jude Lennon writes such beautiful and captivating rhymes for children in this book.

  • Illustrations- the illustrations by Holly Bushnell are perfect for children. They are friendly, bold and colourful.

  • Funny characters– my children and I loved the two characters Lamby and Zutt. Especially Zutt, with its many colourful eyes, arms and legs!

Find it on Amazon here


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