Review: Floga with Flossie by Jude Lennon

This fabulously funny book by Jude Lennon, has had me and my kids in giggles from start to finish! 

Not only is it about a lamb that enjoys ‘floga’ (her version of yoga!) ! But this lamb (Flossie) can also be seen encouraging all the other animals and the farmer into trying out some ‘floga’ poses! 

What did we like about it?

  • Illustrations– absolutely beautiful, colourful and captivating illustrations by Holly Bushnell. My children were transfixed by the illustrations of different animals in different yoga (I mean ‘floga’) poses.

  • Moral: this book has a lovely moral, promoting kindness. It starts with Flossie discovering that her friend isn’t happy and working out how she can help. 

  • Rhymes: Jude Lennons rhymes help make the story even more engaging and fun to read. 
  • Promotes exercise and relaxation: Proof- after reading this book my kids wanted to have a go at ‘Floga’! 

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