Review: Felicity Fly Series by Christina Gabbitas 

This month we’ve discovered a beautifully illustrated series of hilarious children’s books called Felicity Fly.

 Written by Christina Gabbitas, these books tell the tales of a happy-go-lucky fly called Felicity. 

In this series of books Felicity Fly…

…makes friends with other insects and learns about pollination (Felicity Fly in The Garden)…

…..experiences new foods and cultures  (Felicity Fly meets the Dragon Fruit and Friends

….witnesses a woodlouse being sucked into a vacuum cleaner and rescues a spider from the bath tub (Felicity Fly meets Veronica Vac). 

What did we like about Felicity Fly?

  • Educational- as a tutor for Special Needs children (www.cheshiresentutor.com) I’m always a big fan of books that also educate. These books teach children a range of skills (e.g manners teamwork and friendship) and knowledge (e.g insect names, pollination, what nocturnal means)
  • Rhymes– It rhymes, which is brilliant in engaging younger children in the story.
  • Normalises fear– children can have many fears including spiders, bees, loud appliances such as vacuum cleaners/washing machines. This book truly helps children to understand that it’s OK to be frightened and that quite often things aren’t as scary as you think.
  • They are fun! Most importantly these book are enjoyable to read with children! The stories are funny, the pictures are stunning the books even include CDs! And what’s not to love about this selection of characters… 

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