Imaginative Play Activity

Imaginative Play Idea: Post Offices 

Imaginative play is such an important way for children to make sense of the world around them. (See my previous post for more details on why)

I believe it’s imperative for children to take charge of play and for adults to try to take a step back.

However, there are times when children need a helping hand to think of ideas.

In these situations it can be fantastic to suggest an imaginative play idea, like playing ‘post offices’, help set it up and then let them take over and take the lead.

Here’s how we set up our very simple,  but very fun ‘Post Office Game’ 

We cut a hole in a box to make the ‘post box’ (adults do this bit please!) and painted it red

Then we provided some paper and felt-tips.

Then drew some templates for post cards, birthday cards and letters (older children wouldn’t need this assistance). 

Then let them take over! 

Without realising they developed and practised:

We also experimented making different post boxes out of different shapes boxes…

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