Children's Book Review

Classic Bedtime Stories 

A few weeks ago a friend was talking to my children about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and was met with a blank face from my kids. I realised that I’d been focusing so much on choosing new and exciting bed time stories for them, that id forgotten the joy the classic, traditional fairy tales also provide.

So I’ve set my family a challenge to read as many classic children’s books and fairy tales as we can (along side other new ones!) 

We’re making an online collection/journal of all the classic children’s books that we are reading with the kids. Follow us on twitter @cheshiresentut for each evening’s bedtime story.

  • Little Bear Lost by Jane Hissey (Random House). My all time favourite- about a lost bear. We’ve enjoyed being submerged in a secret world of teddies with this book. 

  • Chicken Licken  a classic tale about misunderstandings…’the sky is falling down!’ 
  • The Princess and The Frog A traditional fairy tale about the importance of keeping promises.( I remember finding this one quite scary as a child!)

  • Thumbelina One of my favourites as a child and I’ve loved sharing it with my children. An exciting story of love, kindnapping and flowers! 
  • Rumplestiltskin- this very old fairy tale tells the story of a millers daughter who makes a difficult deal in order to magically spin straw into gold. A little scary in parts! 

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