fine motor skills

Review: Tornikotor Starter by Colemoi 

We’re developing fine motor skills and creativity with this unique and fun toy: ‘Tornikotor‘ by Colemoi this week. 

The pack contains wheels and soft, colourful, bendy bars that can be manipulated into different shapes and connected together. 

What did we like about them?

-Unique & Exciting Learning Resource

The children were immediately intrigued by this toy. It is fantastic for sparking children’s interest. Mainly because it’s so different from other toys. The bars are bendy and can be twisted, they connect together in a unique way and it has working wheels!

-Develops Fine Motor Skills

Another fantastic resource by Colemoi for helping children develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination through play. See our reviews of some of Colemoi’s other products here

-Encourages Creativity 

I was amazed by the creativity this resource inspires. The children made everything from cars and flowers to sharks! They even practised letter formation with it. The pack also contains cards to allow children to match to the patterns.

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