gross motor

What are Gross Motor Skills?

Gross motor skills are important skills needed for every day tasks such as standing and walking.

What’s the difference between gross and fine motor skills? 

Unlike Fine Motor Skill Activitie which require the small muscles in the hands and fingers, Gross Motor skill activities use the larger, core stabilising muscles. 

Why are Gross Motor Skills Important?

They are just as important as fine motor skills. In fact, children will often find sitting at a desk practising fine motor skills easier if they have developed their gross motor skills- as their back and shoulder muscles enable them to sit in an upright posture at a desk for periods of time. 

Gross motor skills enable us to stand, go up the stairs, to climb on and off the toilet, to sit at a school desk for a period of time, to carry things, throw things and catch. They are therefore incredibly vital to develop.

How can you develop a child’s gross motor skills?  

There are so many, fun and engaging ways to help children develop their Gross Motor Skills*

  • Going to the Park- (climbing the steps to the slide, balancing on the swing etc) 
  • Soft play centres 
  • Trampolines/bouncy castles 
  • Bike
  • Scooter 
  • Swimming 
  • Obstacle course 
  • Standing/walking on uneven surfaces like a wobble board
  • Dancing to action songs 
  • Kicking a ball
  • Throwing & Catching 
  • Classic playground games: Hopscotch, Simon Says, What’s the Time Mr Wolf 

What happens if it’s raining? 

There’s no excuse! Plenty of activities can be done safely inside, here’s our favourite indoor activities for active kids.

*Please note it is your responsibility to ensure a child’s health & safety when deciding to try out any of these activities. If you have any concerns about a child’s development- seek medical/professional advice- this blog post does not replace this type of advice. 

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