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Paper Cup Bunny Rabbit/ Dinosaur Craft for Young Kids

Here’s a fun craft to keep little ones entertained. It’s also a lovely one for helping them practise their scissor skills and fine motor skills. * (More scissor skill activity ideas can be found here and information about fine motor skills and activities here.) What do you need? […]

Review: Sequin Art

We have found the most wonderful craft resource this fortnight: Sequin Art*. If you’ve not seen these sets before, have a read because we think they are absolutely fantastic and provide a whole array of benefits to children from developing concentration and patience to fine motor skills. We’ve […]

Review: Tornikotor Starter by Colemoi 

We’re developing fine motor skills and creativity with this unique and fun toy: ‘Tornikotor‘ by Colemoi this week.  The pack contains wheels and soft, colourful, bendy bars that can be manipulated into different shapes and connected together.  What did we like about them? -Unique & Exciting Learning Resource […]