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Review: Ekilibritor Basic by Colemoi

I love new and interesting ways to help children and babies develop their fine motor skills and I was therefore impressed with The Ekilibritor Basic by Colemoi.

The pack comprises of different coloured cylinders and rings (of varying sizes) made of a soft rubbery plastic. Depending on their preference and ability, children can explore with them, build 3D towers/models or match their size, colour and shape on the plastic guides provided to create 2D pictures.

What did we like about them?

  • Sensory- From a sensory point of view, our children loved them. They are much softer than regular building blocks (you can even bend the rings). They are lovely pastel colours and also practically silent when you drop them on the floor. 

    • Develop Fine Motor Skills- A brilliant and interesting resource for fine motor skills- building the tiny muscles in the fingers and hand (find out more about fine motor skills here). Positioning the pieces alongside or on top of one another also helps children to develops their hand eye coordination. 

      • Reinforce Basic Maths and Colour recognition– Through play, children can learn to identify colours and shapes and match 3D shapes to 2D shape outlines to form patterns/pictures. 

        • Differentiated Activities- What’s fantastic is how differentiated the activities with this resource can be. On a basic level, children can play with the blocks- exploring the feel, shape and colours, experimenting how they fit inside one another and can be placed on top of each other. As children progress they can use the resource to build 3D shapes and also match the pieces to the shapes printed on the sheets provided to create pictures. 

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