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Space Toys, Books, Day Trips & Resources for Kids! 

This week has been Space Week on The SEN Resources Blog. We’ve had ALOT of fun playing, learning and going on day trips!

Here’s what we’ve been up to and our recommendations of Space related toys, books, resources and day trips for children (click on the photos to find out more!)

We visited the wonderful National Space Centre in Leicester and Jodrell Bank in Cheshire

We learnt about the solar system with this unique and stunning book by Child’s Play:

We played Imaginative Play with one of our favourite toys by WOW Toys- Ronnie Rocket:

We developed fine motor skills and creativity with this Scratch and Draw Space Book:

We played role play rockets with the help of these buttons that light up and record sound (by TTS)

We tried out some resources by PlanBee and discovered why teaching and learning about space is so important.

We completed this beautiful and interesting jigsaw by Orchard Toys.

And finally, we built, painted and played with this amazing cardboard rocked den by Kid-Eco!


Lucy At Home

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  1. #thesatsesh oooohhh we have the den! I thought it would last the summer holidays, but turns out we flat packed it into the loft for a Easter holiday re-run. Super fun to decorate and explore. You must be exhausted, i was just reading what you’d been up to.

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  2. My eldest girl is particularly interested in space (well science in general really) and I know she’d love to visit the space centre – that looks fab! #blogcrush


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